8 Reasons to book a newborn photography session

You’re expecting a new arrival? Congratulations! You’ve got a busy few months ahead of you as you plan for the next exciting chapter of your journey on this planet. You’ve got a ‘To Do’ list as long as your arm; buy nursery furniture, decorate the nursery, buy a Ewan the sheep, find a pregnancy yoga class, remember to keep on top of vitamins and minerals, learn how to put up and collapse the pram, (how many shopping bags fit under the pram?)…the list goes on! But have you considered booking a newborn photography session? 

Here are 8 reasons why I believe they are an important addition to your list.


To celebrate your new arrival

You’ve waited 9 months. You’ve imagined and loved more than you ever knew was possible. Congratulate yourselves and capture all the emotions and bonding at this special time.

It’s a special experience to enjoy as a new family

Sit back and marvel and the tiny little human that you have made. Yes, you! Newborn photography sessions are both emotional and memorable. Nothing beats the look of love on parents’ faces during a signature newborn session. Also, as they grow up, they will want to see what they looked like as a baby and how you looked as new parents. Even if you feel a bit frazzled, they really won’t notice. Do it for them.

They change so quickly

Once time has passed, you’ll never get the chance to capture them so tiny again. The ideal window for newborn photography is between 4-14 days. Of course there are always exceptions and it is still possible to get some poses from an older baby, but by then, their newborn features will have already grown.


To capture the tiny details

Pouty lips, chubby cheeks, wrinkles, delicate fingers, baby feet! There’s just something about baby’s feet that I adore! I always wonder where each pair of feet will lead them in life…

First artwork and family heirloom as a new family

Print, wall art or album, you are creating history for the generations of the future. How often do you start a spring clean, come across a box of old photos and then you’re lost for hours? I know for a fact that doesn’t only happen to me! Don’t let your digital images remain stored away on a USB never to be seen again. USBs will become redundant one day, whatever happened to floppy disks?! There are also many psychological benefits to displaying your photos, but that’s a blog for another day.

Quality and experience

Don’t get me wrong, mobile phones of today are great and no doubt you will take 100s during the first few days, weeks and months! However a professional photographer should have had extensive training in safe posing, own professional equipment and have excellent knowledge of lighting to enhance every detail of your baby. Also, please do not try to replicate images you see online, most will be composites that the photographer has created during post production.



Your newborn images can be given as gifts to family or used as cards to announce your baby’s arrival or to send as thank you’s for cards and gifts you receive. Bespoke packages are available at Perfect Shot Photography, to ensure no-one is forgotten!

You only get one chance

Everyone tells you to enjoy it as they grow up so quickly. Two of my favourite quotes are “A baby will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer,bankroll smaller, home happier, clothes shabbier, the past forgotten, and the future worth living for.’ And ‘’Appreciate the little things in life, as one day you will realise they are big things’. You really do only get one chance.


When is best to book?

Now that you’ve added a newborn photography session to your list, let’s have a chat as soon as possible. Due to the nature of unpredictable baby arrivals, I can only schedule so many signature newborn sessions into my diary in a month to guarantee the newborn window for everyone. I usually book up 6-8 weeks in advance, so I’d highly recommend getting in touch any time from your 20 week scan.

To arrange your newborn session with me, click here.

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