Frequently Asked Questions

Understandably, you will have lots of questions about your photography session. I have tried to answer as many of the common ones as I can here for you. If you have another question I haven’t answered, please get in touch – it is important that you are comfortable and confident with the photographer you choose to capture one-time memories that will last a lifetime!

What is the ideal age for newborn photography and when should I book my session with you?

I book a limited number of sessions each month so that that each client receives my personal attention. To ensure your preferred session time, please contact me as soon as you know you would like to book a newborn session.  I will pencil your due date onto my calendar upon booking.  You will then contact me when your baby arrives to schedule your session.

How long does a newborn photography session last?

Newborn sessions are anywhere from two to four hours long and are completely baby-led. So if they don’t want to sleep or are a little unsettled and you need to attend to their needs, then that is perfectly ok! We will have plenty of time to capture your precious little one.

Where will the photoshoot take place?

At your home.
Despite the fact that I have to carry around all my props and equipment, I have decided not to do these shoots at a studio for two reasons: 1) being in a familiar environment will keep your newborn in a much more relaxed state and 2) also capturing you, the parents, and/or any other siblings in your own home will be much easier and make the images more special. The warmth of your home and the love for your family will show in the images and has a much more intimate feel than in a studio set up. And that is more the essence of my style.
Travel costs of 20mi (40mi return) of St. Ives, Cambridgeshire is included.

What is included in the price?

Depending on what package you choose, you will receive different things, however, all of my price packages have the following things in common:

  • A first telephone date – the initial consultation. This will be via telephone at a mutually convenient time to discuss any questions, details and requirements or just also to get to know each other better.
  • Your bespoke photography session
  • Editing – each image will be re-touched individually to make the basic adjustment of enhancing the colours, the contrast, or any other necessary fine-tuning to ensure the optimal quality for your photos. Baby’s skin blemishes will be re-touched out, so please do not let any unwanted newborn baby features put you off booking your newborn in for a session, you’ll regret it in the future!
  • A second home visit approximately 10-14 days after your session, to view your images and place any orders of further products. I will bring along a selection of sample products to this session.
  • Travel costs of 20mi (40mi return) of St. Ives, Cambridgeshire is included.

My baby has already been born, is it too late to book a session?

Of course not! Whilst most newborn sessions are booked many months in advance, given the nature of scheduling newborn sessions, I sometimes have last-minute openings.  Although I recommend that newborn sessions take place during the first 14 days of life, I am always happy to photograph older newborns with the understanding that it may not be possible to achieve the type of images that work with a very young newborn.

What kind of props/equipment will you bring and what will I need to provide?

I will bring all the necessary equipment such as backdrop stand/frame, fabrics to use as backdrops, a bean bag to lay your baby onto, baskets, bowls and much more. These are for the basic set up. Whenever I find a new prop to use in my sessions, I might exchange one of those basic props with a new one as I do not like to use the same props for all of my shoots. That way you can rest assured that your image will be unique.

I have an extensive collection of throws, little blankets, wraps, headbands and hats, we can dress your newborn in. We will discuss colour themes and requirements during our telephone consultation before the shoot, so that I only bring a small selection as required on the day.
Lastly, I will have baby bed mats and wipes in case of little accidents. This is normal as we are shooting the baby naked most of the time – it is not a question of IF this will happen but rather WHEN, so between fabric layers I will put some baby bed mats, so when anything happens, we can simply change the fabrics for the backdrop and continue shooting. All of my fabrics are machine washable and can easily be cleaned afterwards. So do not worry.

Also please have a think about any kind of props and personal items that might have sentimental value to you and that you would like to incorporate into the images. Maybe an old family heirloom or favourite blanket or toy. This could be a specific blanket your grandma made or an old jewellery box that could act as a prop inside the image…anything really. Have a think about this.

Other than any personal items you’d like in your images, all you need to provide is space – but don’t worry, not too much of it; around 2 meters square is sufficient, with access to a plug socket. Although if your room is nice and bright with natural light through a window, there may not be a need for studio lighting, I will assess this on the day.

I would like my older son/daughter to be part of the session, is this possible?

Yes! Siblings can be included in the session. This will take place within the 4 hour time limit set for each booking.
As each child is different, and may not behave as expected on the day, sibling photos may not always be possible. I will always try my best to get the shots you are hoping for, but it must be understood that I will not force your child to be photographed. Sibling shots will depend entirely on the cooperation of the child/ren involved.
If siblings under 5 are present, I do advise that there is at least one other responsible adult present for the shoot to help keep them occupied if required!

Do we, the parents, need to be in the photographs? I don’t feel ready to have my picture taken yet!

I completely understand that so shortly after giving birth, you may not feel ready to have your picture taken. However, I do encourage you to think about this anyway; the images with you and your partner interacting with your little baby can be the most precious images of them all. You might regret it afterwards not having taken any images with your child. Despite the fact I completely understand that you might feel a bit uncomfortable, I would like to encourage you to treat yourself to a little pampering – have your make-up done and choose a nice outfit – we can just capture a few here and there. You might be surprised how much you grow to love them in the end!

How many people can be involved in the session?

Newborn sessions are primarily tailored towards the newborn baby, their parents and siblings only.
​If you’d like photographs with other family members, I’d advise booking a separate 1-2 hour session, which I can offer at a discounted rate when booked at the same time as your newborn session.
In baby, children and family sessions, we have capacity for up to 8 people. If you require more than 8 people, this will be priced upon request.

May I take photographs on my mobile phone during the session?

It’s best NOT to distract me so I can focus on styling the sets and getting the best possible pictures of your baby. Sit back, relax, read a book/kindle, take a much needed nap, etc.

How can I prepare for the shoot? Is there anything I can do to help the session run smoothly?

I do ask that you turn the heating up nice and high, well before I arrive. Your baby will be unclothed for a large part of the session and will not settle well unless they are in a lovely warm environment. I can’t stress enough, the difference a toasty warm room will make to how successful the session will be to create your memories.
It will also be really helpful if you can try to keep your baby awake for the 30 minutes or so before I arrive, then feed him or her while I am setting up my equipment. This should help them to settle into a nice deep sleep, ready to get started.
Please don’t feel you need to tidy up, shower, or even get dressed before my arrival – I appreciate the chaos that a newborn baby can bring!

I’ve seen a particular pose/set design that I would like you to do with my baby, is that possible?

I will try my best for certain poses and sets that you have seen elsewhere, but ultimately your baby is in control of the session and I like to try my best to make each session unique. I always begin with a set of ideas after our initial consultation, but quite often we have to be flexible depending on your baby’s sleep habits, feeding schedule and personality. As well, not all newborns are “moldable” for certain positions based on weight, age, flexibility, and body structure. As for props, I like to switching out props and add new ones to keep sessions unique, fresh, and new!

What if my baby doesn’t sleep, becomes unsettled, urinates or has bowel movements during the session?

It’s completely NORMAL for all of the above to happen! I would be worried if they didn’t. Please do not worry.
​I will continue to work through their fuss with warmth, a little rocking and a bit of patience. Your baby will likely require a feeding at some point during the session and this usually solves the more dramatic fussiness issues. At that point we will all take a break and you will be able to give your baby a full feeding. I will also play white noise throughout the session as this helps to keep baby settled once they are asleep.

However; not all newborns babies sleep all day!
If your baby is wide awake, we will still continue with the session, but it is important to understand that there is a good chance you may not get all the sleepy, styled poses you might be hoping for.  A baby needs to be in a deep, relaxed sleep in order to safely position them into many of the newborn poses. It may be possible to book another, mini session at a reduced rate. However this depends entirely on my availability within the specified time frame.

*** It is important to note that if your baby does not settle for their session, my full session fee of £80 will still be payable ***
You will of course be under no obligation to purchase any prints or digital images following the session, but I cannot accept responsibility for a child who is unsettled during their newborn photography session.

If I have to cancel my photo session, can I reschedule?

This depends entirely on my availability at the time of your session. As we only have a small timeframe to be able to schedule your newborn session (5-14 days of age) then it will be unlikely that a reschedule is possible.

Can I purchase digital files and are there any restrictions of use?

I do have a digital collection, which consists of 10 digital files for £175. If you would like to purchase just a few of the digital files, you may do so at a cost of £25 per file with a minimum order of 5 files.​
Purchasing the digital files gives the client reproduction rights to the images for personal use only. You may use the digital files to create prints, canvas, books, and other personal use items at your own expense. You are prohibited from altering, selling, publishing or disseminating said images for any purposes other than for personal use. You may not use the digital files for monetary gain, income, editorial display, or publication without prior permission in writing.

What if my baby arrives early or late?

Do not worry! Once your baby’s session is reserved with a non-refundable deposit we have allocated a time slot for your family – early or late.

Are unedited, RAW image files available?

No. All acceptable images are kept and hand edited ready for your viewing session. All images that I deem unusable are deleted straight away from your folder.

Why should I invest in a newborn session? Why can’t my friend do it?

When you make the decision to book a newborn photographer, you’re investing in an experience that you can’t replicate yourself. You’re paying for the education, creative energy and equipment that a professional newborn photographer can provide. You can’t turn back time to recapture those squishy newborn moments, so you need to make sure they’re captured in a way that helps you remember them fondly for years to come.

How long do you keep my photographs for after the session?

Any unordered images will be deleted six months after your order has been placed.

What payment types do you accept?

BACs, Cash, Cheque, all major credit and debit cards, contactless payments and apple/android pay.

Do you have experience in photographing newborn babies safely?

I have over 2 years experience photographing newborn babies and have been trained to handle and pose them safely by leading baby photographer Ana Brandt. I am also a member of the Guild of Photographers and BANPAS (Baby and Newborn Photographer’s Association) who provide regular baby safety training sessions. I also hold full insurance, first aid training and have a clear DBS check.