He’s back! 25 Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Love him or loathe him, many elves will be magically entering many homes over this weekend, in a bid for children to be impeccably behaved so as to remain on Santa’s ‘good list’. Are you contemplating welcoming an Elf into your home this year, but stuck for ideas? I’ve got a list of 25 right here for you. I’ve even got a couple of ‘parenting wins’ to tide you over a few nights off Elf duty!
  1. Introduce Elf with a scrummy North Pole Breakfast and a letter from Santa to explain why he’s here.

2. Elf makes himself comfy in a tissue box.

3. Naughty Elf has found the Minstrels!

4. Elf was feeling a bit warm, he much prefers
    the cold from the North Pole, so he’s going to
    take some time out in the fridge.

5. Elf thinks everyone needs to warm up, so he
    has turned the thermostat up to 30 degrees!

6. Elf brought you a snowman, but he melted
    overnight (how many of you just said ‘ahhh’?!)

 7. Oh no! Elf has been captured by the other

8. Elf decided to make some new decorations
    for the Christmas tree.

9. Elf is being helpful and writing the Christmas

10. Oh dear, he’s swinging from the door frame
       on a candy cane.

11. He’s made some Minion friends!

12. Time for a candlelit (cotton wool) bubble

13. Elf is getting crafty, making some

14. Time for an hour on the Xbox.

15. Do you think he’ll find Nemo in the fish

16. Time to email a quick report back to Santa…

17. Don’t forget to keep clean and wash daily!

19. Elf has been baking and has made some
      snow angels for you!

20. Elf is playing Jibber Jabber with the other

21. Naughty Elf is swinging from the


Other ideas, not pictured:
22. Writing a reminder to brush your teeth with
       toothpaste in the sink.

23. Helping to wrap up the presents.

24. Drawn faces over a family photograph on
       the mantlepiece (use a whiteboard pen!)

25. Elf has hidden “X” sweets in the room, can
       you find them in “X” minutes?!

Parenting Hacks

A bit late to the game? Completely forgot amongst the rush of ‘Mum Life’? Don’t worry, I’ve got your back! 

1. There was heavy snowfall in the North Pole, Santa told all Elves to stay safe and not travel just yet, until the snow has settled.

2. Elf is feeling a bit under the weather/homesick, he needs to take a couple of days rest.

3. Your bedroom is too untidy, Elf can’t use his magic again until it’s tidy.

4. Elf was touched. He needs to stay put to be able to recharge his magic again.

5. Elf has fallen from the lampshade and broken his leg! He can’t move for a whole week until it’s better!

Have fun!!

The most important bit of Elf on the shelf is to have fun! Share Elf’s activities amongst those who ‘know’. Get the whole family involved! Don’t let it become a chore and spoil the magic of Christmas. I will be posting some photography related ideas over on my Instagram and Facebook pages throughout December, so come and check them out – I’d love to see your ideas on the threads and in the comments below too!

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